When life gives you lemons…

Last year and earlier this year, I had to take significant time off blogging because of personal health issues. On the up-side, I was able to do an enormous amount of editing and now have 3 manuscripts under my belt: one finished, one getting close (just needs final tweaks), and one that I’ve just finished the first round of edits on.

This year, just as I was getting back into the flow, the news comes that my sister has melanoma. The surgeries went well, though both of them were pretty extensive. But two weeks ago, she fell and broke her leg. At the hospital they informed her that the leg actually broke first and caused her fall. Because she has bone cancer in both her thighs.

Bone cancer. Even now it makes me tremble. Makes it hard to concentrate on anything else.

She had surgery to put the leg back together: an enormously long rod is attached to the upper and lower parts of her femur, with stops between. The other leg will need one as well, they tell us, and that’s above and beyond the treatments for cancer. Katie has other issues that make chemotherapy a very iffy proposal for her immune system, so we’re not sure what’s going to be done yet. Her oncologist wants her back to self-care (she’s in rehab and progressing more rapidly than anyone expected — and that’s a really significant silver lining) before the plans are made to deal with the cancer.

So here, for now, my bloggery will go back to the rather slap-dash approach it had last summer and the beginning of this year. I’ll try to post something short at least once a week, but make no promises. In the meantime, if you like, you can catch up with me on Twitter (@giffmacshane). I try to play either #2bitTues or #1lineWed every week (it’s infinitely easier to copy & paste lines than it is to write!) and have been fairly active in #TheResistance. And, hopefully, by the end of summer we’ll be all sorted out again.

Thanks so much following me. And if you’ve got a spare “good thought” today, please send it Katie’s way.



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