Whispers In The Canyon Review: P. Laughlin

clover-pixabayclover-pixabayclover-pixabayclover-pixabayclover-pixabay  for WHISPERS IN THE CANYON, by author P. Laughlin

I really enjoyed this book! Have you ever been to a new friend’s house and fell in love with their family and wished they were yours (sorry Mom and Dad!)? That’s what this book did for me. This large, close-knit family overflowed with love, humor, empathy, loyalty and more.

Author MacShane not only gives us a wonderful character-driven story based with characters to root for, but tackles difficult topics like physical and sexual abuse with a sensitive touch based on emotional reaction rather than graphic detail.

I always love a good historical novel where I feel I learn something about a time period, culture, or country after reading. In Whispers in the Canyon readers get to learn about Ireland with a vivid description of the Donovan’s homeland, why they immigrated to America, and even some Celtic words. I want someone to start calling me mavoureen!

My only disappointment was the ending. It left me wanting for more, but I have a feeling MacShane might have a sequel or series in mind. I hope so!

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