WHISPERS IN THE CANYON: Donovan Family Saga Book 1

Damaged almost beyond hope, a young woman is offered safety—by the man who killed her brother.

1880s Arizona Territory:

Shunned by the village for her outlaw brother’s deeds, Jesse Travers is not sorry to hear he’s been killed while robbing a bank. Strangely enough it’s Adam Donovan, the man who shot him, who brings her the news

Even more strange is this newcomer’s offer to help put her ranch back on solid footing.

pistol-hat spurs pxby annca

Picture courtesy of Pixabay

Traumatized by years of abuse, Jesse doubts she can trust any man—especially this Irish immigrant with his volatile temper and gunfighter’s reputation. A profound love for her canyon home is stronger than her trepidation, and she accepts his assistance.

As they work together to improve her ranch, Jesse begins to believe that Adam’s true nature is far removed from his notoriety. She feels the first stirrings of love, an emotion she’s never known before.

But her nascent dreams of romance turn to nightmares when she discovers that not all of her brother’s evil deeds died with him.

Deceptively simple and poetic, this heartfelt western historical romance will tug at your emotions, make you laugh, cry, and even get a little angry, as it handles difficult topics with a sensitive touch.

Finalist: The Coffee Pot Book Club Historical Romance of the Year, 2019: An emotionally evocative story… brilliantly written and fabulously executed.”

If you enjoyed Montana Sanctuary by Josie Jade and Janie Crouch, and Dreaming on Daisies by Miralee Ferrell, then you’ll love Whispers in the Canyon.

Can Jesse trust her heart and reveal the extent of her brother’s treachery to Adam? Can they build a future encumbered by the past, or will her confession destroy her one chance for happiness? Click the GET IT NOW button to travel back in time to Jesse’s canyon today.

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