WHISPERS IN THE CANYON: Another 5-star review from Readers’ Favorite

This lovely review was written by K. C. Finn. (No spoilers!)

“WHISPERS IN THE CANYON is a work of fiction in the historical, romance, and interpersonal drama sub-genres, and was penned by author Gifford MacShane. Written as the opening novel to the Donovan Family Saga of books, this work is largely suitable for all readerships, although it does lightly touch on the subject of recovering from abuse.

5star-flat Readers Fav

We find ourselves following the tale of Jesse Travers out in the Old West, where the death of her abusive brother sets her free at last. But when she begins to get to know Adam Donovan, the man who shot him, Jesse realizes that her trauma did not truly die with her brother, and there’s a long way to go yet on the road to healing.

Author Gifford MacShane presents a beautiful and heartfelt piece of fiction that goes beyond the simple western romance to deliver a tender, emotional and psychological tale of one woman’s bravery in a time when few people really cared or appreciated such strength. As the opening novel to a series, we are introduced to the Donovan clan and their Irish roots, setting a great historical grounding for future books and more characters.

One of the things which I found most striking was the author’s ability to take a pertinent contemporary issue like abuse, which is much talked about now, and represent it accurately within a historical context whilst still making it highly relatable to us. Overall, I would certainly recommend Whispers In The Canyon for fans of realistic historical romance and emotionally accomplished fiction.

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