RAINBOW MAN is here!

RAINBOW MAN has been published!

And here’s the lovely cover chosen by my newsletter subscribers:

RM Cover 600x375

He’d follow her anywhere, regardless of danger, but her recklessness may lead to his doom.

An evocative tale of passion and pitfalls.

1880s Arizona Territory: Renowned silversmith and accomplished woodsman Alec Twelve Trees is arrested and beaten by a rogue US Cavalry patrol. This act of blatant racism invokes the ire not only of his father, but of the entire village of White’s Station. While the town’s leading citizens try to force the Army out, Alec is nursed back to health by Irene Donovan.

A young woman ruled by her passions, Irene is a gifted herbalist. Indulged by her father and seven older brothers, she often lets her willfulness trump her better nature. But Alec understands her: he’s been her best friend since their school days, and loved her almost as long. He’s never revealed his feelings, certain her family will not accept him. It’s not the only thing he’s wrong about.

An intensely private man, Alec refuses to relive his torment at a court-martial of his assailants, but Irene begs him to reconsider. Alec honors her wishes, and realizes he is powerless to escape her charms, even though he believes she will never give him the love he craves.

As a parade of suitors marches through her father’s door, Alec’s agony is sometimes overwhelming. Irene is blind to his torment, and her frivolous nature rears its ugly head again. She escapes one hazard with her honor barely intact. The experience leaves her shaken, but even Alec can’t predict her next reckless act.

With intriguing characters and meticulous period details, this novel reveals the best and worst of human nature, and will reaffirm your belief in the power of love and the resilience of the human spirit.

Absolutely wonderful book! The story and characters are so well written I caught myself talking, crying, laughing and yelling at them! I highly recommend this book.” – BookBub Review

If you’ve enjoyed Where the Lost Wander by Amy Harmon, and The Redemption Mountain Historical Western Romance Series by Shirleen Davis, you’re bound to love this novel.

When Irene charges headlong into danger, will Alec risk everything to save her from herself, or has he finally had enough? To find out, CLICK HERE to start reading Rainbow Man today.

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