RAINBOW MAN Earns Its First Ratings

The first reviews for RAINBOW MAN are in!

Here are some snippets from them on Amazon, where the average rating is:


– I felt the characters were well described as well as the scenes. It was easy to picture both. The closeness of the Donovan Family was wonderful. They were always there for each other. Irene Donovan had many suitors in the story; however, only one suitor can fill her heart with joy.

– It is a coming of age story, showing all the turbulent ups and downs. A very intriguing and exciting saga that will tug at your heartstrings.

– Overall, I felt bad for Alec, disliked Irene and enjoyed the family concept scattered throughout this story. This kinda of novel are slow page-turners because it’s always better to grasp the detailed work to be satisfied with an awesome outcome.

Rainbow Man Cover For Blog

– I was hooked on reading it, since it handles topics such as the racism Alec suffered (against the Navajo Indian community), the herbalism which at that time cured most illnesses, in which Irene had skill and knowledge, love, forgiveness, the beliefs that were held then, the integrity with which Annie faces her illness and the resilience she has and helps her carry her pregnancy to a successful conclusion, as her son is capable of filling her with strength in her fight. I liked it a lot and invited me to read the beginning of the saga, and discover the foundations of this family. A very human book that invites reflection and questioning our today.

On Apple Books, there’s one review so far:


– Great book! This book had a little of everything. Family relationships, friendships, love for people and animals, loss, health and sickness, different cultures and historical references… The storyline kept me intrigued and I couldn’t wait for the end to see how it all turned out. Will definitely read more books by this author and highly recommend.

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