Great Historical Fiction Giveaway Jan 15 to Feb 15, 2023

#HistoricalFiction #HistoricalRomance

Going on right now, over 70 stories are being given away in this promotion! Cowboys and Vikings and Dukes and Highlanders—you’ll find them all here, as well as Samurai and even twins along with much, much more.

The list of freebies includes THE WINDS OF MORNING, the prequel to the Donovan Family Saga that illustrates how and why the family decided to emigrate to America after the Great Irish Potato Famine. I wrote this novella after learning that my father’s family had survived this terrible (and absolutely avoidable) tragedy that cut Ireland’s population by almost 2 million souls.

Simply click on the banner below to claim free copies of your favorite books.

HF giveaway BFunnel

Happy Reading!

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