The Woodsman’s Rose, Donovan Family Saga Book 2

When a friendship is shattered, can a fragile young woman with the gift of insight heal the rift?

1880s Arizona Territory. Daniel Donovan wants two things: to get married and to restore his friendship with Alec Twelve Trees. It’s just not that easy.

TWR Cover 350x600

Alec is raging about his mother’s murderer, whose identity Daniel knows but will not reveal, as the killer is dead and all proof died with him. Alec can’t recognize any needs but his own, so the conflict deepens every day.

Daniel’s fiancée is a delicate girl—her health frail, her future uncertain. Prone to vicious headaches that can rock her to her knees, Annie accepted Daniel’s ring but hesitates to name a wedding date, as a possible pregnancy might exacerbate her physical problems.

Annie inherited the gift of insight from her Welsh mother and digs into the past, searching for a way to help the men heal their relationship. She quickly realizes that Daniel is protecting the killer’s surviving family—part of the Donovan inner circle.

Though she may be fragile, Annie is fierce in spirit, but when she discovers the secret behind the murder, it’s more horrifying than anything she could have imagined.

“There is enough swoon-worthy, though tender, romance to melt even the coldest of hearts, and there is plenty of action and adventure for those who enjoy novels that keep them on the edge of their seat.” – Whispering Bookworm

Fans of Cheryl St. John and Caroline Fyffe are sure to love The Woodsman’s Rose.

Can Annie keep the secret Daniel’s trying to hide? If the truth gets out, it may shatter their world. Click on the GET IT NOW link at the top of the page and start reading THE WOODSMAN’S ROSE today.

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