There’s a new man in town!

Character Sketch: Reg

I wasn’t more than two pages along in the new book when I realized I needed another character. At age 70 the patriarch of the clan, John Patrick, has accepted that he’s gotten too old to run the ranch by himself.

cattle on the range

Photo courtesy of Amanda Biles via Pixabay

Of his sons, Adam and Brian are living in the canyon at the Rocking Chair Ranch, Conor went to sea many years ago, and Daniel has built a home for himself and his family at Sidhean Annie. The younger twins, Frank and Geordie, have taken over responsibility for the farm and, though they’re willing to help out when needed, neither one has much interest in the cattle business. Youngest son Jake has proven himself to be an outstanding ranchhand, but doesn’t yet have enough experience to take on more responsibility.

Enter Reg. A cowboy of uncertain age whose dark hair is just beginning to gray, he drifted into White’s Station seeking work and was directed to the Donovan ranch by the blacksmith.

“Name’s Reginald,” he told John Patrick. “Call me Reg.”

No one knew if it was his given name or surname, or ever learned where he came from. But John Patrick soon realized that the cowboy’s skills were excellent, and offered him a chance at the foreman’s job.

Needless to say, he’s made a success of it, and he’ll have an important part to play in the new, as yet untitled, Book 4 of the Donovan Family Saga.

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