Gifford MacShane is the author of historical fiction who loves Irish music and history, as well as the music and history of the Old West. She is in the process of combining both interests into a family series of literary novels, each with an undercurrent of romance and a dash of Celtic mysticism.

Descended from Irish immigrants on her father’s side and Native Americans on her mother’s, Giff has been immersed in their histories all her life. As a member of a large, sometimes boisterous family like the Donovans, she is intimately acquainted with the inner workings of such a clan and has used her experiences to good purpose (but don’t worry – no names have been mentioned!)

Currently seeking representation for her debut novel, WHISPERS IN THE CANYON, Gifford will be sharing the highs and lows of querying, editing, and revising as she goes. A self-professed grammar nerd (who loved to diagram sentences in grade school), Giff will use her experience to cast light on grammatical construction and will answer readers’ real questions about specific problems related to writing. Your questions are welcome, just use the subject “Ask Giff” on the contact form below.

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