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Want a copy of my newest books before they’re available to the general public? Consider joining my Launch Team!

There are three facets to my Launch Team and you can participate in any or all of them.

Beta Readers:

Benefit: You get to read all my books before publication, usually several weeks in advance.

Responsibility: You simply give me your feedback as a reader. This isn’t an editing or critiquing position, so there’s no technical knowledge involved. I’d provide some guidelines, though you’ll be free to use them or not.

Early Reviewers:

Benefit: You can choose to receive my latest book a few weeks before or slightly after the publication date.

Responsibility: You commit to posting a review on at least one of my retailer platforms within 30 days of the launch date or your receipt of the book (whichever is later), expressing your honest opinion about the book. I’d provide all the links you’ll need.

P R Assistants:

Benefit: You get a free copy of my newest book before publication, sometimes several weeks in advance.

Responsibility: You commit to sharing information about the new book on your social networks. This would include: early notice of the release date; cover reveal; promotion on the actual launch date; any sales promo I do for the launch (which might include a separate book). I’d provide all the links and graphics you need, making it easy to create or copy a post.

If you’re interested in joining a team, let me know and I’ll send you all the information you need. Thanks!

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