EDITING CLUE: Catching Those Overused Words

Every writer will tell you there are words they use unconsciously. Words or phrases they repeat in their writing, regardless of whether they’ve previously identified their tendency to overuse them. Some offenders are little words like “and” or “then”. Some are descriptive words like “dark” or “quick”. In romance novels, you’ll often find “arm” or … Continue reading EDITING CLUE: Catching Those Overused Words

To Pants or Not To Pants – 14 Writers’ Opinions

 There's a great dichotomy among writers: plotters (those who outline) vs. pantsers (those who write by the seat of their pants). Most writers fall into one camp or the other and sing the praises of their choice. Nothing wrong with that.  Everyone's mind works differently, and what works for you may not work for me. … Continue reading To Pants or Not To Pants – 14 Writers’ Opinions

Character Exercises: Personality quizzes

What a great idea — I bet we all could learn a little more about our characters! Who knows what new story it might lead to?

Captain (Query) Hook

There are personality quizzes all over the Internet. You’ve probably taken some of them yourself.

But have you ever tried answering the questions as if you were one of your characters? I totally recommend this approach. It forces you to really get inside the character’s head and think like they do. You may have to consider aspects of the character’s personality that you never would have even considered before.

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