1848: the third year the potato crop failed in Ireland. The Protestant landlords have absconded back to Britain, leaving the Catholic peasants to fend for themselves, while the English feast on the massive amounts of Irish food they’re importing every day.

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With two younger brothers to feed, Molly O’Brien takes her father’s place on the road gang, building a road that runs from her tiny village to the river and no farther. Yet sixteen hours of labor a day will not garner enough wages to buy food for her family.

She is beyond despair. Beyond prayer. And so far beyond the tenets of her childhood, she decides to offer her body to the first man with the price of a loaf of bread.

At that moment, a voice behind her speaks…

Read about how Molly’s family was affected by the potato famine, how she met John Patrick, and why they made the hard decision to leave Ireland.

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